How to Create a Logo for Your Website

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In this video you will learn how to create a logo, branding, and designs for product mockups and social media for your business and website using the GenUp Digital logo maker.

Table of Contents

You can use the logo app maker on the GenUp Digital website builder to create both your website, logo, and branding for your small business.

The logo maker allows you to create the following:

Watch the YouTube video tutorial below and learn how to start creating your branding and website. 

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, I’m Gavin from GenUp Digital. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to create a logo and all of your branding, including that for social media and business cards for your new website.

Step 1: Choose a website template

The first thing you’re going to need to do is head over to the link below the video and select a website template.

There are over 100 to choose from, including e-commerce and online stores. Once you’ve signed up for an account it’s 30 days, first 30 days of free, then log in and head over to your template.

In this example, I’m using an accounting template, but you can be using whatever template you want to choose the logo maker to build your logo and branding for your business.

Step 2: Add the logo maker app

So you’re going to click on my apps on the left-hand side. Once you’ve clicked on my apps on the left-hand side, this screen will open up and you want to add the logo maker app.

logo maker

So we’re going to click on that app, add the app to your website, and you’re going to click on create your logo.

So what this app does is it uses your input plus AI to provide you with lots and lots of different styles and alternatives and designs for a logo for your business cards and for your social media and branding content, you can then download all of your designs.

You can upload them to your website. You can install the logo on your website. You can download vector designs, you can do whatever you want with this content added to your website and you are good to go.

logo maker

So there are a number of different stages in setting up your designs on the left-hand side, here, you have the dashboard and you can see initial ideas.

Then it progresses to designs, colors, text adding icons, and then previewing your designs on the middle column here, you’ve got the actual input of text and information about your business plus key words, and then you can generate logo ideas.

And on the right-hand side of the screen here, you can see the ideas that it spits out for you. So initially we’ve got some academy accounting information about an accounting website and on the right-hand side, you can see all the different logos that have been created.

Now you can edit all of these and you can generate even more. It is loads and loads and loads and loads of them, but let’s start from scratch.

Step 3: Design your logo

So let’s just move this over here. So the first thing you’re going to do is play around with some ideas.

So here we’ve got three things that we can input. We’ve got the business name, the business slogan. If you have one and the key words, so let’s say going for something different, let’s say we’re going for a coffee company.

And the business name is Java coffee. And let’s say our slogan here is we love coffee. And then the key words might be coffee and cafe.

And we hit the enter button and immediately creates some suggestions for logos. For you, Java coffee, we’ll have coffee. So you can see we’ve got the main business name, plus your slogan underneath and lots and lots and lots of different versions.

And you can play around with these. You can decide which one you like and edit them. Let’s just move this back over here.

You can also view different keywords and add additional keywords yourself as well. And you can click on generate local ideas and it spits out more local ideas for you.

Next, you can move on to designs so you can see unlimited variations of your logo and select one that works for you.

So for example, here, we’ve got this one and it provides us with examples of what your logo would look like on different media.

So here we’ve got a poster, computer screen, different posts business card t-shirts on a mobile device and so on. So you can see how it would look across different designs.

And then here, before we decided to choose our colors, we can actually make edits to the logo design. So we can select a new design by clicking on this, and it changes the layout or this or this.

And so on lots of different choices, which you just keep playing around with until you reach the branding and design that you, you like the most for your business, you can also aligned to the top, right.

Bottom or left using these buttons here. If you decide. Yeah, sure. That’s what I want to go with that the logo I like for my business, you can then on the right hand side here, choose your colors.

So you might like the look of this design, but you might think, Hmm. It’s not really my brand colors. I want to have a yellow, yellow coffee, for example.

So we’ll click on, choose your colors and you’ll see, it’s now changed. The dashboard has changed here in the middle, and we’ve got a few things we can change.

The color of. We can change the color of the business name, change the color of the slogan, which is this bit underneath here.

We can change the icon. Now you don’t have to have an icon. You can choose whether you want an icon on your logo or not.

And you can change the background, which is white. And there’s a couple of ways in which you could do that, but it also just creates themes for you as well.

So looking you, instead of choosing specific colors, you might say, oh, I like what I like this one. So let’s select this one and you might decide to go without, or you might decide you need to change the color slightly.

So let’s say we change the color of the coffee cup. So we’ll click on that link there, and you can choose some preset colors here, or you can enter an RGB code or you can enter a head hex code.

So for example, if we wanted to change this to a, be a blue color, 3, 3, 6, BF nine, and now the coffee cup has gone blue.

We can click on a link and we can make it bright yellow. Once you’ve chosen your colors, you can move on to your fonts.

So let’s hit the green button. We want to changing the fonts. And again, in the middle here, you can choose the font for your business name and for your slogan, you can modify the business tax name.

So it’s split over multi-lines. So we switch that on. Okay. And it splits Java coffee over two lines. You can also change the alignment of the text, whether it’s normal or Taluk the weight semi bold, extra bold, the case, the color of the font, whether it’s Sarah of San Sarah’s and so on.

And then you’ve, you’ve got some pre designed template. Examples here as well. Once you’re happy with the font, you can choose your icon.

So down here, it gives you some examples of icons. You can search for an icon with a particular term, or you can search right cons on these pre determined terms that are created for you.

And you can change the size of the icon. You can remove the icon, you can change the position of the icon, but let’s say you’re happy with that.

Step 4: Preview your logo and branding

And you want to move on. You can then preview to your logo. So let’s preview this logo and we’ll scroll, scroll down.

logo maker

And now what you’re provided with is your logo and then examples of your logo on different media. So we have posters and business cards and t-shirts, and so on.

You’re also provided with your brand guidelines so we can see the topography. The primary font is that open sounds regular and secondary font is open sounds regular, and you can go back and change that by clicking on one of the links, you’ve got your color palette with its associated reference codes.

And then you also get your brand displayed on different forms of media, such as business cards and how it would look on the web.

If you’re happy with all of that, you can click on, get your logo and you will be taken to an area where you can download all of that content.

Also within the website, your logo and branding will be automatically added to your media file. And so you can then just click on that media file and upload the logo to the website or different, different pages of the website that you want to use to display that information.

If you’re not happy with how it looks, you can go back and edit different areas. Or if you wanted to start from scratch, you can just generate completely new ideas again.

So we might decide just to go with coffee house, let’s spell it slowly differently, no slogan let’s try some different keywords coffee, and let’s go for suppressor.

Let’s generate some ideas and here we’ve got new ideas, completely different logos. Some of them have icons. Some of them don’t have icons keep on going until you create a logo and branding for your business and upload that straight to your website.

So this logo and branding builder is included in the VIP plan for the website builder. So if you want to use it, visit the website and sign up for the VIP website builder plan.

You get 30 days free on the 30 day free plan. You can build your website and you can design your logo, but you won’t be able to download your logo.

Once you make the site live and publish the site, then you can also download all of the media and the content associated with your logo and branding.

Create a Professional Logo for your Brand

Answer questions about your business, brand identity and personal style and the logo maker will create a professional logo for you.

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